Here are some of the dynamic dinosaur activities that we have been working on!

First, we worked as paleontologists, excavating dinosaur fossils!! We searched very carefully for T-Rex bones using paintbrushes. With our careful movements, we were able to brush the sand away to reveal the dinosaur skull, body, arms, legs and tail.

Our second activity was to make our own little velociraptor! We sharpened our fine motor skills by making little balls using a mixture of paper, glue and water. By pinching and forming the shape we were able to mold them together to create our dinosaur. Once the paper hardened and dried, we carefully applied the finishing touches by painting it.

Our final activity also strengthened our fine motor skills. We build various dinosaur bodies by following patterns printed on placemats. We rolled, pinched and bent play dough to make the correct dino shape, strengthening our hand-eye coordination and finger dexterity in the process.